Bilcare EZ Switch®

Major challenge in post approval change in the Pharmaceutical packaging is belief the benefit of the change does not justify the cost of the resources required to make the change. This often creates a psychological barrier in the pharmaceutical industry for creating commercially and scientifically beneficial changes.

Bilcare’s EZ Switch® Program is the ideal solution to overcome this challenge and to make the change as an easy and seamless process.

EZ Switch® is registrated trademark of Bilcare Research Inc.
EZ Switch®
Bilcare EZ Switch®

Scientific Packaging Service

This program is designed to take away customer’s pain and risk. The process is designed and executed by adapting the principle lied out in FDA’s guideline to the industry on “post approval changes for NDA and ANDA drugs”. Bilcare’s unmatched pharma packaging testing tools and resources supports customer in every stage of the process.
  • Packaging cost evaluation to visualize potential packaging cost saving with different packaging options
  • Equivalency study report in lieu of stability study data to prove “equal or better” as per interchange-ability protocol justifying for minor change.
  • Satisfies the regulatory and quality requirements with full documentation essential for  change control management
  • Onsite supports for machine validation and optimizing the machine parameters.

 It’s that "EZ"!

The Bilcare +

  • Outstanding customer service representatives
  • Global and on-site application engineering support
  • Local languages spoken by knowledgeable indigenous sales representatives
  • Central point of contact for easy communication
  • Low development costs
  • Perfect product protection in respective climatic zone
  • Avoidance of over packaging due to incorrect foil specification
  • Reduction of waste, overpackaging and costs
  • New film formulations developed in conjunction with customer input and requirements

Quality and Regulatory

  • Bilcare Research pharmaceutical and medical films comply with global applicable regulatory standards

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