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The professionals at Bilcare Research are driven to continually gain added industry knowledge and skills for improved customer product and service satisfaction. As the only real one stop shop for blister packaging with over 50 years of experience, Bilcare offers extensive training programs which will enhance our customers’ knowledge.

Bilcare Academy will help to optimize cost and improve processes for our customers. There will be various training modules and each module will target a specific topic. Modules can be combined and customized in order to meet the specific needs of our customers. The training modules will address all areas of the production process, QA/QC, packaging development and incoming inspection related to blister packaging as well as environmental factors.

Bilcare’s experts can conduct the training either at our customers’ premises or at the site where the packaging material is produced at Bilcare around the globe.

Academy Modules
Bilcare Academy Modules

Our knowledge for your success

  • Production of thermoformable blister packaging material
  • Diversity of blister packaging materials from low to ultra high barrier protection for solid dosage forms
  • PVC – the most sustainable material suitable for your application
  • Blister production – thermoforming parameters and potential issues
  • Typical defects of calandered PVC films and their impact on your product / process
Academy Events
Bilcare Academy Events

Our knowledge for your success

Recognizing an industry need for a shared knowledge base for better pharmaceutical packaging, Bilcare created Bilcare Research Academy, a ½ day to full day educational event that, through industry professionals and external experts, gives customers the latest cutting-edge technological information for improved packaging and processes. Bilcare Academy is held in different parts of the globe throughout the year.

Bilcare Academy fosters interactions with experts from industry, regulatory, academia and government. To see when Bilcare Academy will be near you, please visit our events page.

The Bilcare +

  • Outstanding service by our colleagues in customer service
  • On-site & global support through our application engineers
  • Communication in local language by local sales colleagues
  • Central contact, thus open communication and easy accessibility
  • Keep costs low during development
  • Perfect protection of your product in the respective climatic zone
  • Avoidance of disproportionate protection due to wrong selected foil
  • Reduce wasteful and costly over-packaging
  • new recipes, new films and new film composites by our technicians and our development in cooperation with and for our customers
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As of February 2020, Bilcare Research will become Liveo Research.

We are gearing up to grow our business, by expanding our production network, product portfolio and our research and development. This transformation is rooted in the continuing and building upon our strong relationships.

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