Bilcare Aqua|Ba®

Bilcare’s AquaBa® pharmaceutical blister film provides a premium barrier without a premium price. AquaBa® combines Bilcare’s proprietary calendered PVC film, coated with Super B (PVDC) aqueous coating. This combination provides an ultra-high water vapor and oxygen barrier film that can be easily processed on all high performance blister lines. This next generation PVDC coating provides similar barrier properties to Aclar®. Coated onto Bilcare’s proprietary PVC film for optimum thermoforming, superior flex-crack resistance and layflat, Bilcare’s high barrier, cost effective AquaBa® film is the perfect choice for sensitive pharmaceuticals in some of the world’s most extreme climatic conditions.

Available in a triplex (TX) or sandwiched (SW) structure, Bilcare’s AquaBa® can be supplied in various opaque or transparent colors with improved UV-protection.

Looking to switch? Bilcare Research provides a variety of added value services to ease the transition away from lower performing films while maintaining vital barrier properties.

Aqua|Ba® SW
PVC | Super-B | PVC
Bilcare Aqua|Ba® SW

Three-layer “Sandwich” structure of PVC / Super-B / PVC

  • 3-layer high performing structure providing equivalent water vapor and oxygen barrier properties as AquaBa® TX with increased thermoformability
  • PVC outer layers require lower processing temperatures
  • PVC exterior structure provides lower COF for increased machine speeds
  • Sandwiched Super B barrier layer has increased flex-crack-resistance
  • Provides non-curling, flat blisters for a quality appearance
  • Cost effective premium barrier
  • Both sides sealable with heat seal lacquers intended for PVC or PVC / PVDC
Aqua|Ba® TX
PVC | PE | Super B
Bilcare Aqua|Ba® TX

Three-layer "Triplex" structure of PVC / PE / Super-B

  • 3-layer high performing structure that provides an ultra barrier against oxygen and water vapor
  • Runs at lower temperatures and increased machine speeds
  • Provides non-curling, flat, non-cracking blisters for a quality appearance
  • Cost effective premium barrier
  • Sealable with heat seal lacquers intended for PVC or PVC / PVDC
  • Ideal product protection achieved by sealing Super B coated side against blister lidding foil. Use with heat seal lacquers intended for PVDC

The Bilcare +

  • Outstanding customer service representatives
  • Global and on-site application engineering support
  • Local languages spoken by knowledgeable indigenous sales representatives
  • Central point of contact for easy communication
  • Low development costs
  • Perfect product protection in respective climatic zone
  • Avoidance of over packaging due to incorrect foil specification
  • Reduction of waste, overpackaging and costs
  • New film formulations developed in conjunction with customer input and requirements

Quality and Regulatory

  • Bilcare Research AquaBa® films comply with global applicable regulatory standards
  • Current valid EU Pharmacopoeia, USP section 661.1
  • FDA 21 CFR
  • EC 1935/2004, (EU) No. 10/2011, REACH - Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006
  • USDMF# 1081, Canadian DMF# 2017-093
  • Chinese CDE 中国药审中心注册号码 : 产地- 新加坡 B20180002345; 产地--德国 B20180002281 & B20180002282

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