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Cards Solutions

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Since 1953 Bilcare Research’s Castiglione facility has been at the forefront of technological innovations in vinyl calendaring. Decades of commitment to manufacturing quality and enhanced rigid film properties and processing have given Bilcare’s card manufacturers the extra edge to easily move into new niche markets with even newer technological requirements. Today, Bilcare’s SICO films are sought after for high quality secure payment cards for the financial, retail and petrol markets, where they withstand daily handling while maintaining a pristine appearance and data integrity. Bilcare’s SICO films give retailers confidence their consumer loyalty cards will retain their brand image with continuous use. IoT SIM/GSM, M2M and ID access control cards, even those with technologically unique requirements such as multi-application or biometric capabilities, benefit from Bilcare’s premium quality film known for printability, ease of processing and durability. Bilcare Research SICO films are available globally with two primary manufacturing sites, Castiglione, Italy, where it all began and, Delaware City, DE, USA.  

Let the card stock experts at Bilcare Research help you select the right film formulation to meet your exact card requirements.

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As of February 2020, Bilcare Research will become Liveo Research.

We are gearing up to grow our business, by expanding our production network, product portfolio and our research and development. This transformation is rooted in the continuing and building upon our strong relationships.

Let’s grow and develop the Future together