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Bilcare Research AG awarded at the Inovyn Awards 2019

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Bilcare Research AG has again been recognized for its sustainable commitment. Bilcare Research received the Gold Award in the sustainability category for its involvement in the PVC film industry’s initiative to recycle pharmaceutical blisters. A recycling network has been established through participation of Bilcare Research, coordinated by the AGPU (Working Group PVC and Environment) and the recycling organization VinylPlus.

“We are proud to support the project and are very pleased with the recognition of the goals achieved so far. It is also an incentive for us to continue to grow our sustainable management throughout our company,” says Andreas Pfefferle, Business Unit Head Global Pharma Packaging Innovations for Bilcare Research.

About the initiative

The initiative considers all the important steps to secure the value chain for post industrial waste, from collection, transport and the recycling of waste to the manufacture of new products. The special thing about this particular initiative is that the compound of pharmaceutical blisters can be separated into its individual parts, polymers (PVC as the main component) and aluminum. For both post industrial product substrates, there exists a constant demand for re-use.

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As of February 2020, Bilcare Research will become Liveo Research.

We are gearing up to grow our business, by expanding our production network, product portfolio and our research and development. This transformation is rooted in the continuing and building upon our strong relationships.

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